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Entry #2


2007-12-13 21:45:24 by frozensnakee

why dose everyone hate me all the sudden. you guys are suppose to build from thes reviews i give you, stop taking them so damn personally. and if your gona leave me a negative review give me a reasion other then you have a weak ego


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2007-12-13 23:17:42

BCuz you think you know what's best for every person's work , Y not perfect or even produce your own! You can start off with working on your music! That'll be a start! and perhaps improve to the point that you'll start earning trophies. your scores obviously set an example of the quality of your work. Probably indicating that ,

They're very below par :D

I don't hate you

You just have shit work :D


2007-12-21 17:23:44

dude, heres your problem. you look for meaning in a meaningless world. i am refering to the comment you left on the movie pork. pork has no meaning, he just felt like making a movie about his favorite animal, it dosen't have to have a deep inner meaning